Monday, October 09, 2017

Leaving Thailand: Reflections 3

On one my last nights in Bangkok, I drank some of my duty free champagne and watched "ZULU" with my neighbors, Richard and Andrea. Richard made a pizza and some salad and I cranked up the a/c. 

I have loved living in Sethiwan Residence and have lured friends to live here with me. Nothing is better than spontaneous dinner parties, movie nights, and hanging out with your neighbors. 

Also, I have a fantastic cleaning lady (Khun Nee) who took good care of Simon LeBon and me after my kidney surgery in 2011. The office managers have always been great and helpful. 

I'll miss my motosai driver buddies out front too - they always took great care of me and remembered where my hair salon was, that I don't like to go down Sukhumvit and prefer the back roads, and would run errands for me. 

It's been a good home to me.