Friday, June 16, 2006

Mexico bound and Darfur down

10 days til I leave for Mexico. Why San Miguel? I chose San Miguel Allende because its supposed to be pretty, full of Artists, an expat enclave which means I'll be able to have someone to talk to, and I can take a painting class there. A friend said "I can't believe you are going to a place full of Americans." Well - if you traveled to the places I go to, you would feel like you don't need a totally 'authentic' experience. I want some place that is peaceful, non-stressful, and can allow me to bliss out. If I get bored, I'll move on someplace else. I anticipate working on my travel writing and creating a new style of painting called "Margarita-ism". By the way, Haiti exports the orange rinds that make Grand Marnier so if you want to support the Haitian economy, order a top shelf margarita...

My two weeks off really helped me recover a little from the burnout - it at least bought me three weeks of work - three works which the office decided should be filled by nothing but Darfur all the time! I've now officially gone where I said I would never go - to a legislative language drafting meeting with Oxfam and ICG - and to the place in my brain where I now know the names of the rebel leaders and the vice presidents of Sudan. While its interesting, to an extent - it's back to working until 7pm and being a workaholic.

I joined something called to try to find someone to hang out with in Mexico. Particularly the first few days when I'm in Mexico City. While I am looking forward to going to Frida Kahlo's house and doing some sight-seeing, I would love to check out the Mexico City nightlife. And I'm a little too chicken shit to do it myself. I think it was that sexual harrassment I got in Rwanda back in the day.

Traveling alone is fun and scary at the same time. I liked it in Sri Lanka because I got to do what I wanted when I wanted and didn't have to consult anyone. It was relaxing. But it got a little dull. I didn't meet anyone to really hang out with. In Guatemala, I met tons of people (one of whom, Jamie, is a close friend today). And of course, I always find more romance on the road when I'm alone (!!!). I have no expectations of what the trip will be like. But I'll let you know - well maybe some of it.

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