Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My loves in Jeopardy.... baby!

So I just finished my first (?) day of shooting Jeopardy on the Sony Studios in beautiful downtown Culver City. Oh my god! What fun!!!! It's so much fun to be there. Everyone is so nice...
Anyway, I signed something saying I wouldn't tell anyone how I did so I can only tell you these things.

  • I met Alex Trebeck (who I called Alec - that's right, baby).
  • Its taped on the Sony Studio lot where they also film Wheel of Fortune and movies like Men in Black II but I did not see any celebrities.
  • We talked about my Glamour Magazine appearance.
  • The set is very cool and metallic-y.
  • The other contestants are pretty cool - we're all feeling pretty chuffed because thousands of people try out, only about 6000 get called into the in person auditions and of them, only 400 get called to be on the show. And we were a part of them!
  • A guy sitting next to me in rehearsal won $15,000 on his show!
  • The show that taped before mine had my most dreaded category - Rivers of Europe!
  • My show airs the week of June 4th.
  • Alex is actually a really nice guy. We learned that he's a big fan of 'fix it up' projects and the crew gives him a gift certificate to Home Depot for Christmas every year.
    He answers questions from the audience during the commercial breaks. And wears a different outfit for each taping (there are five a day).
  • I now have a framed photo of Alex Trebeck and I to hang on my wall. Yea!

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  1. Just when I think you can't do any more really cool things, you get to be on Jeopardy. Travel the world, appear in national mag, going to work in Europe...Sigh. I get to drive to Turbeville to interview a prisoner in a couple of weeks. Try not to be too envious. Mike