Saturday, June 16, 2007

Some photos of my apartment!

Here's my apartment from the outside... I'm on the third floor with the bay window.

This is my kitchen looking out onto the balcony and the back of the apartment

From the backdoor looking out...

The balcony!

The bedroom (note the boxes)- and the little cupboard hides the water heater which cycles on and off all night long. Not super restful.

The bathtub/sink combo in my bedroom... There are curtains to provide privacy when guests are here, I guess.

The living room with the all to the kitchen on the left...None of those African decorations will be here after tomorrow though ):

Living Room looking out the bay window.

The "Reading Nook"/Guest Room/Dressing Room part of the living room.

View from the bay window...

View from the "Reading Nook" and FINALLY....

My bike... the trusty steed that gets me around.

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