Monday, August 13, 2007

Housing Woes

Oh the housing woes I've had.
  • May 15: Found an apartment through a woman who was moving away from Amsterdam. Took the apartment.
  • May 25: Cable tv that is included in rent is turned off for lack of payment.
  • May 26: Called Housing Agency, they said call Housing Management Service, Called them. "We'll take care of it."
  • For the next five weeks, call housing agencies periodically to find out why cable tv not working - told that its taken care of, not their responsibility, can't turn it back on, not their responsibility, taken care of, etc. Every call gets a different answer. Finally, it turns out that the cable company won't turn it back on because the owner has been delinquent in paying the bill before.
  • July 1: Get notice from owner of apartment that the "makelaar"needs to come look at it.
  • July 9: Makelaar informs me that the apartment is going up for auction in October because owner hasn't paid the mortgage.
  • July 10: Contact owner who tells me not to worry. I worry.
  • July 17: Get notice that the bank/tax man is coming to seize all the goods inside the apartment. Really start to freak out.
  • July 18: Seek legal advice. Told that I can't stay there because he wasn't allowed to rent it in the first place.
  • August 1: Contact owner who says - don't pay August rent and I'll reimburse September rent as the deposit.
  • August 7: My current housing agency tries to tell me that there are NO apartments in my price range and that it is illegal for them to try to show me any because I make TOO MUCH MONEY (!!)
  • August 7: Find a new apartment in my price range, thanks to networking with friends. Its cute, bigger than my current place, and with a MUCH nicer toilet but not a balcony on the back - balcony faces street.
  • August 9: I try to put down the deposit - although I can't get the keys until August 14, if I want the apartment, I have to pay the rent from August 10 on.
  • August 9: Realize I didn't inform them that I have a cat.
  • August 9 - 12 worry that they will withdraw apartment, decide to be honest and tell them.
  • August 13: All is well! I pick up the keys tomorrow and move in on the 15th.
I just thank my lucky stars and my fabulous friends and family who supported me through all this. If it weren't for you guys, I would have just shriveled up, moved back to Sumter, and got a job at the CVS next to my father's house. With the notable exception of one so-called friend who decided to kick me when I was down, I've been so amazed and thankful at the kindness I've received. Thank you all! Next up - photos of the new place.

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