Thursday, September 04, 2008

Family Photos

My father's father and my grandfather, Julius "Stub" Martin in the Army back in Papua New Guinea during WWII.

Mom and Dad in London in 1963

Alyson and I looking a bit like ruffians probaby in the early 70s.

Matching lederhosen dresses. Parents must love to laugh hysterically at their offspring.

Matching band uniforms, Sumter High School Marching Gamecocks, circa 1984!

70s Family at the World Famous Iris Gardens in Sumter, SC

Me in 2nd Grade

My first passport photo!

My mother rockin' a great hairdo. Obviously before she had children and time to do her hair!

Mom, about age 12 in her school photo.

My father on his first tour of duty to England in 1950.

My dad's glamour photo. Why don't they airbrush up our photos like that nowadays?

The first official family portrait from Mons, Belgium where Alyson and I grew up.


  1. I LOVE looking at old photographs. Thanks for sharing. Your mom and dad were quite the good looking young couple.

  2. Hi Sarah! This post reminds me....I have a doozy of an old photo to send your way. Please send me your regular email address--I can't find you in my contacts for some reason.

    These pictures are so great!

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