Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Woe is Me

I'm becoming more Dutch every day. I had a bicycle accident this morning.

I was zooming to work listening to my ipod with my giant India Lonely Planet and a box of Swiss chocolates in the only bag I could find hanging from my handlebars. I got around the corner and BOOM. The bag got caught in the spokes of the front wheel, I ground to a halt, I flipped over the handlebars and dragged the bike and myself into the center of the intersection and landed on my face in the middle of the road.

Luckily, nothing was broken except my bike and my Lonely Planet (and tragically, the box of Swiss chocolates). I hurt my instep of my foot, scraped my knee and ripped a hole in my jeans, and destroyed my pride. A man walking to work rushed over to help me and helped me stand up. I limped with my destroyed bike to the bike shop that was conveniently located right where I fell. I then had to limp to work on foot feeling in complete shock and embarrassed.

When I got to work (it was really cold this morning), I had crystallized salt from the tears on my cheek.

But the bike store people were really nice and informed me that statistically it is very difficult to kill yourself in a bicycle accident. So I got that going for me.


  1. From my dutch friend Mirielle:

    Wanna hear my top 3?
    1. Took a wrong turn while i was on the phone and slightly drunk and ended up full speed down below in a parking garage

    2. I fell of my bike once with two bags of Chinese take away. That was a very messy accident, soup and rice everywhere!

    3. Last summer i ended up with a concussion because some nasty Italian tourist who jumped on the back of my bike from out of nowhere
    and i smashed my head into a lamppost.

  2. Sounds pretty bad, Hope you are alright!
    I agree with the bike store people, you will have to try real hard to kill yourself in a bicycle accident, unless you are biking in India, of course!

    My Top 3
    1. Skated off the road one icy morning, learnt that icy roads can be slippery

    2. It was a rainy day, was overtaking another cycle so had to go on the tram tracks, learnt that tram tracks are slippery even when they are wet :)

    3. Went speeding through a small alley I pass thru everyday on my way to work, everything was the same, except for the fact that the street was covered with dead leaves, oh yes, I slipped, slided and fell, and if it wasn't for a tree, I would have added 'fell into the canal with a bike' to this list.

    On all three occassions I was running late to work, Hmmm, perhaps that is a sign, next time when I am late for work, I am not gonna hurry.
    and I have three trousers with a hole in the knee!

    Happy Biking!

  3. Aw Sarah! I'm sorry, that's a bummer you dropped your chocolate.

    Hehheh. I hope you're okay, seriously.

    Is the bike very broken?