Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thunder and Lightening

There was an amazing thunderstorm in Amsterdam last night. The whole sky was lit up with lightening and the thunder made my house shake and the cat hide under the covers. It was truly impressive in its force. It makes one aware of our tenuous position on this flat little spit of land that reaches out into the sea.

I love thunderstorms - especially heat lightening on a hot hot summer night in South Carolina. But this one kept me up for hours and I couldn't get to sleep. My mind kept racing around the different worries that I have and rather than being comforted by the overwhelming power of the storm and my reminder of how insignificant I am in the face of nature, I instead was plagued with incredibly realistic dreams about my worries.

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  1. Maybe I should have called you! I was also up for a while and feeling not a little nervous. With every clap of thunder, I was sure our roof was going to fall in. I just knew Chloe was gonna dive into our bed, but she slept right through it. Paige woke up but not directly because of the storm: a gust of wind sucked the bathroom door shut and the slamming woke her up. You should see the field out in front of our house. Truly awe inspiring.