Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Make me laugh

My friend and I were discussing serious issues and we both realized we just need a laugh. Following is a list of funny movies I compiled for her that I love:

Pineapple Express
Shaun of the Dead (I love zombie films!)
Hamlet 2 (very cheesy but funny)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (for Russell Brand and the pig killing scene)
Fish Called Wanda (classic!)
Wet Hot American Summer (if you ever went to summer camp)
Pootie Tang (maybe because I watched it 10 times in Haiti but I think its hilarious)
Rushmore (I saved Latin, what did you do?)
Stripes/ Ground hog Day/ Caddy Shack/ Meatballs (you can't lose with Bill Murray!)
40 Year Old Virgin (just for the closing credits)
Best in Show
Princess Bride (b/c I am a romantic)
Office Space (You've been missing a lot of work lately, I wouldn't say I've been missing it! )
Anchorman (for the jazz flute! and after shave!)
South Park: The Movie
Raising Arizona/ The Big Lebowski
Young Frankenstein/ Blazing Saddles (My sister and I used to watch these on HBO and laugh for days)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail (classic)


  1. - The Full Monty
    - The Sure Thing
    - Better Off Dead
    - A Christmas Story (the dogs take the turkey)
    - Little Miss Sunshine
    - M*A*S*H* (the football game)
    - Strictly Ballroom
    - Life of Brian (Always Look on the Bright Side of Life)

    After Hamlet 2 I could not forget the song "Rock Me Sexy Jesus"

  2. Oh, and Chicken Run