Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things I am going to miss about Amsterdam

Am feeling so overwhelmed by packing, sorting through my stuff, and trying to move so this isn't a very coherent post but I wanted to start listing some of the things I'll miss about dear old Amsterdam

* Biking home at night over the canals in this gorgeous old city
* The fantastic healthcare system at the OLVG hospital. I had to get a chest xray and I was in and out in 20 minutes without an appointment - they also have an espresso cafe in there!
* Raw herring with onions and pickles on the street corner
* Inexpensive flowers and some beautifully composed bouquets for less than 25 euros!
* The Grocery store in the airport - what a great idea!
* Gezellig cafes  all over the city where you can linger at your table for hours without being rushed.
* Good looking Dutch men all over the city! The ladies are nice to look at too but the men are gorgeous! I can see my friend Susanne saying "Greasy Hair, Shiny Shoes" right now but I find them hot!
* The efficient trams zipping past my apartment all day.
* Rainbows - yes it rains a lot here, but the upside is that I've seen  more rainbows in this city than any other time in my life.
* Green parakeets that used to sit outside my office window in the tree.

What I won't miss... well, in the spirit of positivity, I'll leave that for another post. Today it's all about the love. 


  1. I love your list... as someone who has already left, I second the herring - can't get that one ANYWHERE else :(

    I also miss the DIY attitude, the totally amazing street markets (which are open 6 days per week!) and definitely definitely, biking everyday, 4-5 times a day on a crappy rusty bike and still able to go fast and feel like a rockstar.

  2. I have another item for your list.... your friends! We'll definitely miss you!

  3. Anonymous10:27 PM

    It's a pity you're leaving. We need feminist humanitarian workers in NL now more than ever!

    Say you on sat. Mark