Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some photos from Thailand

 My new office, the United Nations building. I'm on the 3rd floor in the UNHCR Regional Office.

One of the most fun parts about moving here is using the public transportation - in this case, the canal water taxis. Not many farang (white people) on it and it MOVES unlike Bangkok's auto traffic. Downside - toxic water splashing you in the face. These canals are not too clean.

 The view from my new apartment down into the pool. It's got a proper pool where you can swim laps. And yesterday, after a harrowing day shopping in grocery stores and department stores crowded with people, I relaxed by taking a swim and then floating for about half an hour, just looking at the sky. Now that's a way to come home.

 My new apartment - beautiful hard wood floors and balconies. I'm ITCHING to get to the plant shop and buy some jasmine, basil, tomatos, and chilis for the balcony. There's actually two balconies - one off my bedroom and one off the living room.

Everywhere you go in Bangkok, there are people selling and consuming food. Here's a snap from the street next to one of the big malls here - they sell giant prawns which they grill and the tables are set right there on the sidewalk next to the traffic.

 Here's a view from one of the overpasses on the canal or Khlong. The contrast between old Bangkok on the water and the modern crazy obsessed with new city is most marked here.

Jim Thompson's House. He was an entrepeneur (and probably a former spy for the US) and he built this gorgeous house from traditional thai houses. It is so lovely it made me want to cry. How can I live like that?

Tropical flowers....

 Here's the Erawan shrine. It's a very popular place with Thais waving joss sticks, buying garlands and garlands of marigolds and jasmine, and Thai dancers performing for those who are thankful that their needs were attended to. This shot is from the skywalk overhead that I was using as I transited from one shopping mall to another. Again -the contrast between the traditional and the modern really intrigues me. Cultural Hybridity indeed.

Cool tropical fruit drinks.... I am obsessed with Lime Sodas but this passion fruit, mint, cocktail was pretty impressive too. 

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