Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things you can do in Bangkok but not in Amsterdam

  • Go to the Grocery store and have the clerk greet you with a smile and say - Home Delivery, Madam?
  • Pick up a super sweet Thai Iced Tea from a lady in a cart by the side of the road that she carefully wraps in a napkin and puts in a special little plastic bag "Sling" so you don't get your hands wet from the melting ice.
  • Get an hour foot rub while drinking a cheap "Chang" beer for less than $3 complete.
  • Have the lady at the work cafeteria remember you and greet you by making your favorite salad of chopped chicken "Laab Gai" with "Extra spicy, kap khun ka" (a far cry from the MSF Cafeteria)
  • Be thankful for a 32C degree (90F degree) day .... because its a break from the heat!
  • Consider going to a tropical island for the weekend idly and discard the idea because you can't be bothered to sit in a taxi for two and a half hours.

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