Monday, July 03, 2006

The 'Chico' Look

I took my first art class today. I really enjoyed it. I made a sort of belly dancer-mermaid figure out of a collage of tissue paper and acrylic paint. Mostly, she´s teaching me how to turn off my left brain which is what I want. The teacher, Nina, is an American expat (like everyone else in San Miguel) and is very "earthy" (You know -flowy dresses, chunky jewelry, looks like she shops at Chicos) She´s also slightly overweight, had lots of musician ex boyfriends, lives in a funky house, and has a nice cat.

I couldn´t help but wonder: Is that what is going to happen to me? (She said in her best Carrie Bradshaw voice-over voice)

I don´t know why it kind of turns me off while at the same time attracting me. I don´t think I could ever be that laid back. I certainly like frilly earth mama clothes. I like dangly earrings and I like wearing comfortable shoes. I like cats. I like musicians (or at least, I used to). I like funky houses painted in bright colors. So what´s the deal? I guess it sort of screams Old Maid to me. You´ll be alone forever or you´ll have to date a man who wears a long ponytail and a single earring. He´ll call you ´his old lady´. I like my globetrotting life (although I am appreciative of the break) and I like being a city girl. However, I think I need a change. Everyone is fleeing DC like rats off a sinking ship. Maybe its time to re-evaluate and start trotting out my resume. Cape Town? Mexico City? Amsterdam? London? Bangkok? Colombo?

Also getting baby fever with all these cute kids down here. I saw a cartoon that made me laugh yesterday. It said It´s a catch 22. My parents would be horrified if I had a child out of wedlock but I can´t breed in captivity! I think that sums it up.

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