Thursday, August 27, 2009

Still bewildered in Holland

Even though I've been here two years and four months, I still find things that bewilder me from time to time. Tonight I went shopping for sheets and new pillows because my sister is coming to visit and she's a pillow snob. I went to the Bijenkorf because its a swanky department store and I was feeling flush with cash and wanting to splurge on some high thread count sheets.

When I go there, I realized they don't have single, double, queen, california king and king... they have 90 cm, 200 cm, 220 cm lengths and different widths! I have no idea what length and width my double bed is. I tried to describe it by saying things like "It's for two people and its longer than normal." Hmmm. Then I bought some pillows. They are square - not rectangular. The bed set that I bought has a duvet cover and two pillow cases but no fitted sheets.

It's really humbling to be an idiot asking silly questions as an adult. But on a brighter side - I'm so Dutch acclimatized, I rode home with two duvet sets, two giant pillows, a box of wine glasses, my purse and extra raincoat all packed on my bicycle without a single accident. I didn't risk listening to my iPod during the time but I did think about it.


  1. I kind of miss the big square pillows in Germany. And totally impressed with the bicycle skills!

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Riding with your iPOD or even talking on a mobile whilst biking is certainly only for experts! I am glad that you didn't add to the level of difficulty. - BP

  3. Wow Sarah. All that on your bike? Forget the iPod. The next time you've got to transport all of that while talking on your cell phone! Speaking of European duvet covers: have you ever tried to put on one?