Thursday, September 24, 2009

Writer's Block

I've been suffering from writer's block. I suppose its not unusual, after all, I'm still struggling to accept my father's death and work and its accompanying dramas seem to suck up all the time and energy I have. However, here's a short run-down of all the things I'd like to write about or post but haven't had the energy to do yet.

My trip to Tuscany and the fabulous food
My trip to Normandy with my sister to visit the D Day sites - very thought provoking, particularly since I then went on a course on International Humanitarian Law in Brussels immediately after.
The use of anthropologists in Human Terrain Teams in Afghanistan
The encroaching winter time - it's 7am and the sun isn't up yet. I'm not sure if I'm prepared for this!
The rest of the photos from my trip to the midwest. Espescially the Corn Palace in South Dakota and my speeding ticket in Nebraska.
My love for pre-WWII espionage novels

Anyway, I'll try to carve out some time and inspiration.


  1. I've had a pretty good case of writer's block myself. Just posted a somewhat uninspired account of my trip to Myrtle Beach. Hoping it jumpstarts my writing. Will see.

    So, can we vote for topics? If so I want to hear more about the anthropologists (former anthro nerd here), and Normandy trip report/humanitarian law. ;) Does that help?

  2. Pre World War II spy novels! they sound like fun.