Friday, July 06, 2012

The Life of a Consultant

So I'm officially not "unemployed" - I'm a consultant. That means I don't have to go to meetings! I don't have to get involved in office politics, I don't have to sit in a cubicle! I can start at 11am and work at midnight if I want. Its really great.

So here are a few snapshots from the past four months as a consultant:

Discussing masculinities and gender-based violence in Saigon with my co-consultant Piotr!

My office mate, Simon Le Bon. He's pretty talkative but also provides a stress relief break unlike other officemates I have had!

My office supplies - that's a lime soda, not a gin and tonic.
But that's a gin and tonic - necessary for conference calls on Skype.

The view from my cubicle is often very nice - a bit nicer than the grey 60s building at the UN office in Bangkok!
This is the normal view - Bangkok skyline!

Our meeting rooms are all over the place. This one is in Saigon. 

The light of god shines down on me when I am reading... (ha ha) But office breaks seem to involve playing with my iPhone.


  1. Laurie4:06 PM

    Your officemate is pretty handsome! Looking good!

  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Love the story in pictures!