Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bridget Jones in Paris

Well here I am in Paris. It's cold (although not raining like Geneva) and I'm staying in some sort of backpacker neighborhood with lots of "mexican" restaurants and "Irish bars". Yeah - I really want to drink Guiness and eat Tex-Mex in Paris. I suppose though, if you lived here, you'd want the variety. Anyway, There are lots of bars and clubs here. And I kind of want to go out but I'm tired... and not motivated to bust my way in and sit alone in some bar in Paris. So - I'm drinking wine in my hotel room and listening to jazz until I get a buzz and then I'll head out.

I deleted a post about my last day in Beirut because I wrote about the people I met in Lebanon and used their names and got an email saying that thye were worried that someone might read it. Hmm. Since none of y'all ever leave comments (except for you Colin, Heidi, and Kevin - REPRESENT!), I didn't think anyone read this thing. So drop me a line, yo. I'll try to recreate the last day in Lebanon post but since it was written at 5am as the sun rose and I was so tired and sad, I don't know if I can.

But I've been reading Robert Fisk's book "Pity the Nation" and that may put me back in the right frame of mind. I'm listening to the awesome Cd that Serge made adn Natto gave me. "Different for Girls" - an old Joe Jackson cover. And some Steely Dan "Dirty Work". Gotta put myself in that early 80s, black leather jacket, frame of mind and get out there. I find myself craving to talk to someoen about this experience in Lebanon but I'm all alone here. When I get back to the US, I feel shy about talking about what I saw and felt. I don't know why. Maybe the experience of being surrounded by my normality makes it seem further and further away.

Anyhoo.... 1/3 of a glass of wine to go. And a bar with photos of Marlon Brando in it to explore. To bring a book or not to bring a book?

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