Sunday, August 13, 2006

Look out, Iran, you're next

According to Seymour Hersch, one of my heros, the US not only knew that Israel was planning this attack on Lebanon, but they are all geared up for Iran. His latest article in the New Yorker lies out this theory. I believe him. The signs of the US war machine gearing up for Iran have been there all along. This time, they are going to the UN on the nuclear issue a few months before they did with Iraq but as soon as they started focusing on this, I knew we were planning it. Whenever I pointed out this - people shake their heads and say "But there's no way the US can carry on a third war - they are already over their heads in Iraq and Afghanistan." That's a fine theory if you are talking about RATIONAL people. It's obvious that the senile old men over at the Department of Defense and the State Department are not rational. The entire government is populated by the old cold warriors from the 80s (John Negroponte, Elliot Abrams) - the same guys that brought you the Iran-Contra war. Sure they were all punished for their crimes but then immediately pardoned! And has our defenders of democracy, congress, said anything about this? No! I'm sick and tired of this. And I'm tired of watching my country, which is supposed to be a democracy, be run into the ground by this Administration. Out with all those assholes in our do nothing congress! I'm sick of defending the US to the rest of the world.

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