Thursday, August 03, 2006

I heard the bombs for the first time

I had a long frustrating day stuck in my hotel room fighting my body which is fighting foreign food, My colleague went off to a party at her cousin's house that I was dying to go to but was too weak to make. I finally fell asleep after obsessively watching BBC News and CNN. At 2:05am, I was awakened to a loud clap of thunder. Or so it sounded like. SInce I was groggy from dehydration and sleep, it took me a few minutes to realize I was in Beirut and what I was hearing was the Israeli Army bombing the southern suburbs of Beirut. There were three explosions in 30 minutes and all the car alarms went off briefly after each one. I had been warned that we would hear the bombs from here. The adrenaline pumped through my body but by 3am, I was able to go back to sleep. I am itching to get out and talk to people. I feel so privileged and like such a fraud to lie in the Sofitel sipping tea while others are fearing for their lives.

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