Saturday, February 04, 2006

2006 Sarah

So I had a revelation the other night. I decided to go out with my friend Bernice to Cashion's Eat Place for a nice glass of wine and some hors d'ouevres after dieting non-stop for two weeks to fit into designer jeans for the Glamour photo shoot. After we finished dinner, I really was more in the mood to just go home. Instead we went to Bossa where I really enjoyed watching the live Salsa band and lo and behold, a man hit on me when I was waiting for the bathroom.

Then, I screwed up meeting up with Adrienne the other night and had to rush over to a Congolese Happy Hour party that I really didn't think I wanted to go to. I had a great time! I danced and drank beer and enjoyed myself!

Adrienne made a comment about how 2005 Adrienne did what she wanted to do and didn't worry about all her friends. She arrived at parties late and didn't help set up or volunteer to bring things.

Since I'm sick to fucking death of being single now (all the mistakes of 2005 being behind me now), it's time for 2006 Sarah! I have a theory that even numbered years are where you make the changes and odd numbered years are when success comes to you.

So, I'm going to pursue the things that I used to love - going out for live music. Not always being sensible. Not just going to happy hours with colleagues from work and then going home and going to bed. Maybe I'll stay home during the week and actually go out and do enjoyable stuff!

I have a plan. I'll be in New York City on Valentine's Day and noone I know will be available to hang out. So I thought 2006 Sarah might just go to some show in New York City on her own. And maybe, just maybe, I'll recapture that feeling of when I used to travel alone and meet people all the time. I'll be bold and daring.

In the immortal words of Sir Paul McCartney- "No More Lonely Nights"

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