Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow Day!!

When it began to snow yesterday, I was thrilled! Thrilled because I grew up in South Carolina where it rarely if ever snowed and I knew that this meant I was being given an opportunity to do something I rarely do anymore - play hooky!!! I was supposed to go back up to NYC today to present at a Tsunami and the Elderly conference. Then I was organizing some meetings around the event but in actuality- once I got home and Simon snuggled up on my lap and the heat was warm and my feather duvet was calling my name - the big city lost its allure. So, I've done nothing all day except eat the homemade Chicken Soup I made yesterday, watch movies, and take naps. It's so wonderfully relaxing.

I can't understand my friends who say they are stressed out but who manage to schedule every minute of their lives. Maybe I would get more accomplished in my life but I remember the days when I was working three jobs at a time and couldn't bear to be alone. I scheduled myself so much that I knew something was wrong with me. I remember that I started to learn how to bake so I would have to be in one place for at least two hours. I remember scheduling days off and slowly slowly I learned to enjoy my down time. I like goofing off. Sometimes I wonder if i'm a slacker but then I think about all the shit I do compared to my sister and dad and friends back home and realize I'm not... that's just the crazy talking.

Washington DC is a type A city. We're all Type A people. We over-schedule. We cram a hundred things into our lives. We read our email, talk on the phone, while glancing at the tv all at the same time. Hell, I even read closed-captioning on the television because I can't wait for the characters to read their lines fast enough. So today I'm kicking back and taking a snow day. I've watched three shitty movies (AirForce 1, 10 Things I hate about you, and now Walking Tall). I read two magazines. and I've done my laundry and a load of dishes. Even on a snow day I can't avoid my Type A tendencies.

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