Monday, February 27, 2006

Humanitarian Worker Chic

I"m off to South Sudan on Tuesday evening - off to see the 'big cattle drive' as the Dinkas drive their cattle home. I spent the day shopping. I wanted to buy Juicy Couture jeans and cute tops from Zara but instead I bought some funky orange teva/sandals and more baggy linen pants. My clothes budget goes to clothes that are going to be beat against rocks, sweated in, rolled in dust and dirt while I sit in refugee camps, and generally abused. Don't you thnk I should be able to charge these to Refugees International? So here's what the fashionable aid worker wears - funky tevas, linen pants, tank tops, ball caps, sunglasses, and a big orange bag to tote all my stuff. Oh yeah, my id around my neck. and a camera. and a sat phone in my pocket. Glamourous, eh?

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