Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why so rude, Video Americain guy?

So, I've been trying to put into practice my "Keep your heart open" campaign. I'm combining a mantra of being open to a loving new relationship a la Michelle Wright and Year of Saying Yes. One of the new rules means that I have to be open and friendly to all. Make eye contact, strike up conversations, and in general stop being a hermit who only listens to her iPod and looks at her feet when she walks around Adams Morgan, arguably the area where one would most likely find a boyfriend in DC.

So I go into Video Americain to return my "Six Feet Under" DVDs. And I immediately have to break the rule. Video Americain guy is there and as usual, he is surly, rude, uncommunicative, and a general jackass. As I left the store, I said hello since his head was right next to my shoulder. And he ignored me. Fine. I don't want him to talk to me but WHY SO RUDE?

He once yelled at me for standing next to the counter by the door while waiting for them to correct a mistake. I went in with my netflix envelope last week. Should i have been embarrassed? He glared at me. Once I asked him if he had heard anything good about "A Very Long Engagement" - he looked at me as if I had vomited on the counter.

the other clerks are all nice. Even if they don't approve of what I'm renting, they don't act as blatantly rude to me! It's his loss. I have good taste in movies. It's YOUR LOSS, VIDEO AMERICAINE GUY! Be an uncommunicative ass. See if I care.

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